Charting new territory for your brand.

Media Partnerships

Who knows what lies ahead for your brand when Canada’s most talented creatives get a hold of it? They have the ability to bring a fresh new perspective and previously overlooked potential. But only if you participate.

Contribution: $10,000

Our Media partners sponsor the winners’ trip to Cannes for their respective medium. Sponsorship in each media category is exclusive. Not only is your name part of a robust campaign to 8,000 creatives and media planners throughout the country you’ll be part of the final Gala celebration where 600 Creatives and Media Planners from around the country gather to see the winners of the National Advertising Challenge. But mostly it's about connections; when was the last time you were able to reach out and touch the Creatives and Media Planners who produced the work that runs on your medium?

This is your opportunity to meet and engage with those you have not met at the best party our industry holds without trying to spill your drink on the competition, so all you have to worry about, is what you are going to wear.

Download the brochure and find out how little you’ll have to pay to have hundreds of the country's top advertising agencies focus on your brand.

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